Wax Garments

Wax Jacket Cleaning to Make You Waterproof


Wax jacket cleaning should be undertaken by a professional such as specialist cleaners Byblos. Contact us to find out how we can help make you waterproof.

At Byblos we give your garment a good clean and then make sure it’s back to its waterproofed best and that includes the zips, linings and threads.

We’ve had 60 years of experience in dealing with all types of cleaning. Wax garment cleaning is an art in itself and you should be sure you are getting the right kind of service.

Waxed cotton is a high performance material and so it often gets subjected to extremes of weather, more so than normal coats. A regular clean will help keep your garment free from dust and dirt that can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Full professional wax jacket cleaning can help keep your favourite coat in top condition and increase its life expectancy.


Wax Jacket Cleaning and Waterproofing Treatment

At Byblos, we’ll make every effort to return your wax garment back to its former glory, whether it is a fairly new jacket or a much loved heirloom. We will:

  • Clean the garment thoroughly and repair any tears and damage to the lining and zipper.
  • Waterproof the garment with the latest eco-friendly solutions.
  • Rewax the jacket bringing back its sheen and lustre.

At the heart of wax garment cleaning, are the products and processes that we use and these can be applied to any brand of wax jacket or coat. When we rewax your jacket, we pay special attention to the seams where water can permeate, something which other, lesser, cleaning specialists fail to do.

To find out how we can revive your jacket with our wax garment cleaning and waterproofing treatment, contact us today.