Curtains and Household Cleaning

Household Upholstery and Curtain Dry Cleaning for London


Offering the best upholstery and curtain dry cleaning service in London, Byblos have 60 years of experience in cleaning household furnishings.

If you really want to brighten up your home it often pays to give your furnishings a good clean. Byblos can help restore your curtains, upholstery, carpets, rugs and soft furnishings to their former glory. Dust, grime and time can gradually dull your living space but in the hands of a professional household cleaning company such as Byblos they can be made to look as good as new again.


Curtain Dry Cleaning for Brighter Windows

Often your curtains can simply hang there, gathering dirt over the years until one day you look at them and decide they need cleaning. While your curtains may be made of a washable fabric, most curtains need to be dry cleaned. And, if you’ve ever tried ironing a curtain you will appreciate how difficult it can be.

Taking them to a curtain dry cleaning specialist like Byblos means you get one of the best services in London. We take pride in our work and it doesn’t just stop at the dry cleaning. We’ll give your curtains the ‘once over’ and see if any repair work is needed. Not only that, once we’ve finished the curtain dry cleaning they’ll be expertly pressed and ready to hang, adding a new sparkle to your home.


Upholstery Cleaning for a Household Boost

Yes, that much-loved sofa can be revitalized. We can take the cover for upholstery cleaning and make it as bright as a pin. Dull and dirty furniture can make a room look tired and uninviting but again it’s often a big job to clean yourself. Giving it to the upholstery cleaning specialists such as Byblos takes away the worry and gets you a quick fix to a fresh looking room.


Carpet and Rug Cleaning

And don’t forget your flooring when you consider that next spring clean. Byblos can bring your carpets and rugs back to life making your floor hygienically clean and ready for action. Carpets and rugs attract dust and mites, even if you vacuum regularly, and a professional clean now and again not only brings up the colour and pattern, it’s good for your overall health as well.


Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning

At Byblos we pride ourselves on our green credentials. We are members of the Textiles Services Association, The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers, and The Circle of Professional Dry Cleaners. We source and use eco-friendly products to use in our service and make sure we have the best in machine technology to help reduce our carbon footprint. If you’re looking for curtain dry cleaning in London that has a green track record, then look no further than Byblos.

Whether you are sprucing up a whole house or just want to give those living room curtains a clean, then contact Byblos today to see what we can do for you.